insurance reimbusement

We provide you with information via your Acuity follow-up email and Stripe credit card receipt email to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  All services are paid out of pocket but most are reimbursed by insurance. Please contact your insurance company to confirm they will take an out of network claim.  

gift certificates

Our services makes a great gift! Click the button at the top of this page to purchase your gift.  You will be sent a digital certificate to send to the recipient and contains a code and link for them to schedule at their convenience.  If we are unable to see a patient for a Hospital Massage, the gift may be used for Home Massage.

massage table & positioning

Hospital massage takes place in a patient's bed or lounge chair. We can work on their back in a side-lying position if they are comfortable rolling by themselves.  For the Renew For Two massage, we work on a family member in a massage chair that we bring into the room.  Home massage therapists bring a massage table and their own supplies.  Home massage requires enough space in your home to move around all sides of the massage table.

health benefits

Depending on your health status, we may ask you to get permission from your health care provider for massage before our visit. For new mothers, massage is safe anytime after delivery, including  C-Section, as long as she is comfortable.  The style of massage we perform in the hospital is restorative and healing.  Our  massage has been shown to deepen sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, help with pain, decrease swelling, hasten healing and for new mothers, to aid in lactation.   

Our Licensed Massage Therapists

Our licensed massage therapists are female, highly qualified and trained to work specifically with the pre and postnatal body and as well as with other patients with compromised health. We hire therapists who are dedicated to this passion-based work.  They honor their clients and the sacred space of their home or hospital room.

chair massage laurie.jpg

Laurie Curtis, LMT - MA60572310  Laurie is our company's Lead Therapist. She performs massage at Swedish Medical Centers at Issaquah, First Hill and for Home Massage. She is a 2015 graduate of The Northwest Academy For The Healing Arts in West Seattle and comes to massage from a career in social work. Her commitment to enhancing overall wellness by reducing stress and anxiety is what our clients love best about her massage. 

hand massage hospital.jpg

Marianna Webb, LMT - MA60754945  Marianna  performs massage at Swedish Medical Center in Issaquah, and is available for mobile massage at Evergreen and Oveltake Medical Centers.  





Amanda pic.jpg

Amanda Keen, LMT - MA60776476  Amanda performs massage at Swedish Medical Center in Ballard and First Hill.  She is certified in Pediatric and Infant massage and is available for mobile massage at Seattle Children's Hospital. Amanda graduated from Lakeside School of Massage Therapy in Wisconsin in 2008. She uses a gentle and intentional approach that incorporates clinical massage and relaxation massage techniques to assist in the body's natural ability to heal itself.  Her work can benefit anyone seeking overall wellness of being. Amanda also practices with DreamClinic in Queen Anne.