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We have Licensed Massage Therapists available for the Seattle Metro, Eastside, Southend, Auburn, Kent, Renton and West Seattle areas.

Payment & Insurance Reimbursement

All services are paid out of pocket and held with a credit card in advance of the service. We provide you with information via your Acuity follow-up email and Stripe credit card receipt to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  Most of our services are reimbursed by insurance. Please contact your insurance company to confirm they will take an out of network claim.  Only your medical professional can provide a Diagnostic Code. Please contact them directly if that is required by your insurance company. Insurance companies can contact us for the massage therapist’s TIN as this is information we don’t give out to clients.

Gift Certificates

Our services makes a great gift! Click the button above our menu to purchase your gift.  You will be sent a digital certificate to send to the recipient and contains a code and link for them to schedule at their convenience.  If we are unable to see someone for Home Massage the gift may be used at our West Seattle Day Spa.

Health Benefits

Our  massage has been shown to deepen sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, help with pain, decrease swelling, and hasten healing from injuries. Receiving massage at home means you don’t have to get in your car and undo all the relaxation. It’s also wonderful for those who are unable to get out of the house of the healing benefits of massage.   

Our Licensed Massage Therapists

Our licensed massage therapists are female, highly qualified and trained to work in most modules and specifically with clients who’s health is compromised. We hire therapists who are dedicated to this passion-based work and honor their client’s home space.

What to expect

Your therapist will bring her own massage table and supplies. She will spend time getting information about your massage needs while she sets up. We ask that you have a space ready that is cleared to provide enough room for her to work on all sides of the massage table. Please secure pets while she is setting up and taking down the massage table. Cancellation policies are detailed in you Acuity confirmation email you received after you booked.