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gift certificates

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our massage therapists

Our licensed massage therapists are female, highly qualified and trained to work specifically with the pre and postnatal body and other clients who are compromised. We hire therapists who are dedicated to this passion-based work.  They honor their clients and the sacred space of their home or hospital room.

massage table & positioning

Hospital massage takes place in mom's recovery bed. We can work on her back in a side-lying position if she's comfortable rolling by herself.  For the Renew For Two massage, we work on a family member in a massage chair that we bring into the room.  Home massage therapists bring a massage table and their own supplies.  Home massage requires enough space in your home to move around all sides of the massage table.

post-partum health benefits

Massage is safe for new moms anytime after delivery, including  C-Section, as long as she is comfortable.  Our massage has been shown to aid in lactation, deepen sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, help with pain, and decrease swelling.