Chill Massage & Nature By Nature Partnership

Some things are just better together!  That's how we feel about joining forces with our neighbors to the south, Chill Massage. Beginning June 2018, Chill will move into Nurture By Nature's lager space to offer more massage availability and a wider variety of services.  Owner Elise Jensen is a fellow established business owner who we have referred to for years.  We're excited to be working with Elise and her staff to create an even better guest experience.  


Elise C. Jensen has been the owner of Chill Massage Therapy since January of 2015. Elise has a wide range of experience working with many different clients throughout the years.

Elise loves to see positive change in peoples’ lives which is what keeps her going on this journey. “Seeing people achieve joy and relaxation, and knowing that I have helped someone heal on their path helps me to gain healing and balance within myself. I love seeing a smile on someone’s face or hearing how much better they are feeling brings me much joy and happiness. It’s the best gift that you can receive.” 

Our Story

Samantha and Chandra met while working at a leading Seattle day spa in 2012.  Friends at first sight, they envisioned a business based on what they themselves were looking for; nurturing, personalized affordable luxury in a serene and welcoming space. With the help of friends, family and a loyal client base, Nurture By Nature found it's perfect home in West Seattle's Morgan Junction neighborhood. Samantha and Chandra's love for and excellence in their respective fields of esthetics and massage can be felt in every aspect of their work. They feel much gratitude for being able to share their passion with the West Seattle community and beyond.

Samantha Valerio, Licensed Esthetician
Samantha graduated from the Gary Manuel AVEDA institute where she excelled in all areas. She worked in the health care field for 16 years and employs the same compassionate, detail-oriented approach with all of her clients. She is passionate about continuing education and staying current in her industry. Samantha holds post-graduate certifications in lash extensions.




Chandra Travers, Massage & Reiki Practitioner
Chandra holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and an Allied Health Degree In Massage Therapy. Her approach blends the best of treatment work with nurturing spa-like extras with  Reiki energetic healing. Chandra is also the owner of Nurture Home & Hospital Massage, the only service of its kind in Washington state. Her Home & Hospital team contracts with Swedish Medical Center to provide therapeutic treatments to patients & caregivers. 



In-House Wellness Practitioners


Shanti Herzog, CranioSacral Therapist
Nurture By Nature, 206-902-7608i
Shanti, a Family Nurse Practitioner, delves into the intuitive side of health care with CranioSacral Therapy (CST). CST facilitates connection and growth. She loves watching people sink into relaxation, and listens with curiosity to what each individual body needs. Her goal is to facilitate self-healing, acceptance and connection. She is trained through the Upledger Institute. Shanti is at Nurture By Nature on Fridays with Thursdays.


Diane Larson, Reiki Master
Seattle City Reiki, 808-385-4661
Diane has devoted her life to the integrative field of Energy Medicine, treating a multitude of chronic and acute conditions. Since 2006 Diane has been assisting individuals to heal on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. You can find her at Nurture By Nature on Thursdays.


Morgan Sontag, MS
Break Free Therapy & Coaching, 206-940-6965
Morgan is a licensed psychotherapist, educator, trainer, catalyst, certified Hendricks relationship coach. Morgan offers a complimentary intro session to see if this is a good fit. Please bring your sense of humor! Morgan is at Nurture By Nature on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Nicole Martin, Reiki Master
New Moon Reiki, 206-612-2727
Nicole is a Certified Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui System of Natural Healing since 2010. Nicole brings Reiki into all that she does, helping people feel connected to their true-selves. Reiki provides a complementary therapy for anxiety, insomnia, or depression and can help those dealing with major life changes. Nicole is at Nurture By Nature Thursdays.


Anna Jannack, Art Therapist
Anna's Art & Healing
Anna is an artist, art therapist and a mental health counselor. Anna graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a Master in Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Art Therapy from Antioch University she specializes in working with children, adults and couples. Anna is at Nurture By Nature Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

marissa trevino photo.jpg
Lauren G photo.jpg

Marisa Trevino, Electrologist
Trevino Skin Care & Electrolysis, 206-852-8266
Marissa provides permanent hair removal one hair at a time, anywhere on the body.  She specializes working with transgender clients, especially those who are transitioning.  Marissa has a warm, personal approach that allows her clients to feel safe and comfortable in her care.  She offers free complimentary intro sessions and is at Nurture By Nature every other Sunday and Thursday.


Lauren Grosskopf, Reiki Practitioner
 Lauren is a student of Reiki Master, Diane Larson of Seattle City Reiki.  She has been practicing Reiki since 2013.  In addition to her hands-on practice, Lauren offers distant Reiki treatments for people, animals, situations, places and homes.  Lauren feels very fortunate to be able to give and receive Reiki.  She has seen it help with headaches, decrease symptoms of PMS, illnesses, pain from injuries, and a general releasing of stress and anxiety.  Lauren is available on Sundays. 


Hannah Roberts, Reiki Practitioner
 Hannah is a student of Reiki Master, Diane Larson of Seattle City Reiki. Reiki flowed into Hannah's life bringing joy, healing, forgiveness, love, and trust in the ENERGY connection. Her goal is to share this ENERGY and to be a support for you in your own unique healing process. If you have ailments on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels such as stress, sadness, anxiety, injury, addiction, and countless others, Reiki can assist in your healing process. Hannah is at Nuture By Nature on Monday and Wednesday mornings.